Stop And Turn Bit For Horses

[CONTROL BITING] Stop And Turn Bit For Horses

Made by Western SS, it works amazingly, when use along with hackamore, is a 5-inched lengthy steel shanks with fitting stainless a rope nose. A rope nose of 12”-13”, ideal for both adult unisex horses. It tenders complete control to the rider, if only you will put it on the reins in a subtle manner. Do well by making use of a metal vet wrap over the metal chin piece.

This is yet another excellent tool to own in your tack room, while your horse loves running along bridles with a bit for regulation and management needed. Good as an alternative to bit, a perfect item in its stead. To make it good to your bridle, directly add the headstall to the bit, and ensure the stopper, the black rubber, are next to the headstall.

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It is important you got one inch from the bottom jaw to the topmost height of the jaw piece, as you teach yourself the sweet spot for independent ride; hard pulling leads to horse rear. Try a way of making your horse feel the bit, before you venture into mounting it- it will help teach breaking too. Not recommended for beginner or hobbyist, you might end up injuring or harming the horse.

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Stop And Turn Bit Review

Ideal for Western saddle and tack, outdoor sports, band equestrian, and sensitive horses. A well-adjusted move will put you on the right track.

Stop And Turn Bit For Horses

How To Recognize A Good Horse Bit

Basically, there two types of bits, the hard and the soft bits, the soft bit are somewhat subtle on the mouth of the horse, while the hard bit will need a little pressure to make it reign. Notwithstanding, you will need to identity and implement the softest one on your horse for an utmost control.

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There several bit models, namely: straight bar bit, double jointed bit, single joint bit, Waterford bit, port bit, roller bit, twisted bit, happy mouth bit, and double-jointed bit. All serve different purposes.

To know the ideal bit for your horse is to continue with the one you’ve been using from time. Changing your bit will seem hard to your horse. There’s no other good bit than one used with the complete control. Horses get familiar with things, once this is done, changing becomes quite uneasy.

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