Osphos Reviews

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Over the years, horses were left to face different chronic bone conditions that are caused by renewing of bone tissues, especially in all bone structure it is made of. This is the only way to respond to stress and other uncomfortable happenings in his body. The available medications served as anti-inflammatory bodies alone, and shoe correction.

Meanwhile, in the process of developing new bones in their structure they pass through a lot of pains, which leads to severe illness and the likes. Osphos, particularly, and a few other companies, then came as lifesaver to help lessen the pain encountered in their bone structure.

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Osphos Reviews

Osphos, produced by Dechra Veterinary, mother of IRAP serum, is meant to work in hand with osteoporosis, which is also found in humans too. It is made in doses, and a dose will go through 24hours before horse owners begin to notice result. Although, you get perfect result, you will have to wait after several weeks, two months, basically.

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It gets hard on the horse’s kidney, when you add anti-inflammatory drugs with Osphos; all at a time. As you are meant not to give horses younger than 4 years this same drug. Ensure your veterinarian states other issues affecting the hoof, for effective solution.

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Osphos Reviews

What Is OSPHOS Used For In Horses?

Here is what OSPHOS does in horses; it is your only suit to intramuscular issues. The bisphosphonate solution in it is meant to be injected in order to prevent signs associated with clinical conditions like navicular syndrome, especially in horses within 4 years and above.

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OSPHOS’ side effects include; nervousness, discomfort, insufficient renal, behavioural disorder, hyperactivity, hyperkalemia, muscle tremor, fracture, muscle tremor, anorexia, lethargy, hyperkalemia, hyperglycemia, urticaria, colic, recumbency, and injection site reactions.

While in severe cases, death, but this is on a minimal record. Ensure you don’t inject you less than 4-year horse, or lactating mare, or pregnant horse. As it also unsafe to use both NSAIDs and OSPHOS at the same time.

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