Ichon vs Adequan

Ichon vs Adequan for Dogs and Horses

Ichon is a residual solution to insect infested homes; it kills roaches, mosquitoes, ants, flies, ticks, and other insects. It is made of synthetic pyrethroid which helps to proffer solution to health problems at home. While Adequan is an anti-inflammatory drug for curing joint diseases in dogs and horses.

This solution (Ichon’s) is available in different categories, namely: ant and termite solution, fly solutions, cockroach solutions, mosquito solutions, pet and animal care, fleas, ticks, mites, and lice solution, among others.

For Adequan there are signs to take cognizance of, before the situation worsens, which is rare body positions in your horse or dog. Your pet begins some unusual sleeping and resting position, as he finds it difficult to remain comfortable.

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You would notice series of body change. Other signs are less squat positioning, sitting, or switching weight while standing.

On the other hand, Ichon is to be used immediately you sight any disease causing insect both in your home or pet house. It is made with eco-friendly ingredients, to the extent that it doesn’t affect the air intake by humans and dogs.

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Hence, you can spray it on surfaces, corners, and liable places. A capsule is enough for swift and effective result. Ichon is recommended by the World Health Organization, while Adequan is prescribed by professional health practitioners.

It must not be used for hypersensitive dogs or those with bleeding disorder, as hepatic impaired, and renal dogs are to be injected at minimal rate. Do enquire from your veterinarian for further information.

Ichon vs Adequan

What Is The Difference Between Adequan And Legend?

Generally, performance horse and other types, are meant to be medically taken care of, especially their joint and other metabolisms. The right medical therapy is needed for effectiveness. Therefore, Adequan and Legend are both used for preventing joint inflammations.

They are ideal for treating horses, majorly. They are not to be used in the same proportion in a horse, your horse either get distinct result for any, but not both. Remain with whichever it chooses. I trust you find this helpful?

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