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With carefully chosen trees, you can have a custom-made saddle of your choice. All you need do is to list your specs., size, and the standard quality will be delivered to you. HR is a great saddle company, who has made several top-rated products in the industry. Her saddles are recommendable, real, affordable, attractive, and ergonomic. It is on top of the saddle you will get with no regret.

HR Saddles are made with the finest leather, it is quite heavy and gorgeous. The saddle’s features like the horn type, ritzy, hand-tooling design, seat type, concho, and leather type, are second to none. They are uniquely made with no cause for alarm. It is long-lasting, and ideal for mares, performance horses, just name it.

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This saddle is available in shades of beauty, you can purchase from the list of colours of which it is made- the Red, Purple, Brown, Pink, Black, and Blue are on the market. HR saddle is easy to use, maintain, and it not so heavy in size. The skirting has a nice trimming with bright and beautiful colours. The synthetic material is of high quality, and the suede is pretty much good.

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HR Saddle Reviews

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Where Are HR Saddles Made?

The popular American saddle brand, HR, is made by a then-military saddle man, whose name is Hud Roberts. Billy Cook, the brain behind Longhorn & Action Saddle Company, made him his phone representative.

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In the course of this, there’s was war, hence, he no longer held the post of a sergeant in the Texas Army. Not quite long, he needed sources of income, so he sorted for ways to make ends meet.

Then, he began to travel far and wide, to administer various horse-related businesses, studied their weaknesses, worked on them, and came up with a standard, through the newly established company, HR Saddle.

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