Ed Wright Pretzel Bit

Ed Wright Pretzel Bit for a Soft Mouth – WORTH IT?

A go to bit for light handed, amazing choice for your finished horse. Not one of those bits where you will have to unknowingly jerk the mouth. No other bit like Ed Wright Pretzel’s. A solution to runaway horses for barrel racing. It helps both the rider and the horse to be all light.

Ed Wright Pretzel Bit Review

It is ideal for gelding as well, as long as it is light-mouthed, you have nothing to worry about. You have a way of adjusting your bit in order to meet your preference. Made in three-piece mouthpiece, and a noseband, it helps to lessen pressure on the tongue, and feeds you with complete control like a captain.

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The two-piece locked piece is also available, the choice is yours. It is sold in either short, medium shank or long sizes, and the long sizes are long and X-long. The mid-region of the bit got a o-shaped that gives you enough space for flexibility.

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Ed Wright Pretzel Bit

How To Choose The Right Headgear For Your Barrel Horse

Principles will forever be, while techniques change as a competition unfolds. So is horse riding, either for training, performance or racing. All-times winner has learnt to embrace new techniques in any new game they find themselves, you shouldn’t be left out, not even as beginner or hobbyist.

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For effectiveness in any game, you need to ensure that the bridle perfectly fits the neck and the ears without being tight, while the brow band needs to be of moderate size.

You will have an issue if it’s too short. Above all, finding the right bridle is not a general thing, it is based on preference. Hence, look out for that which suit your horse better.

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Horses go through physical restrictions, that we as owners need to consider as we put them to training or test.

You might have gone through series of drillings, which you consider ideal enough for all-round performance, yet, just like humans, some emotional and physical barrier are at work. Learning anatomy, biomechanics, horse health, and therapeutic bodywork will go a long way in the physical well-being, and the totality of your horse.

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