Dumor Weight Booster for horses and dogs

[OPINIONS] on Dumor Weight Booster for Horses and Dogs

Balanced with phosphorus and calcium as it has 40% vegetable oil content, you get a reasonable amount of change on your horse. You will need to start with hay because that’s the first thing to do if you need to boost that tinny handsome guy with you. To have more to chew for your horse, you will need additional energy, fiber, and a ration of calories as well.

Dumor Weight Booster for Horses

Dumor contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, methionine, lysine, and threonine, to enhance the top line, and muscular development of your horse. You will need to add beet pulp as well, feeding with a weight booster alone won’t solve the problem. You will need other supplements in order to balance the equation.

This horse booster got probiotics that foster digestion and a healthy tract. You have a balanced phosphorus and calcium ratio for proper maintenance.

Filled with fatty acids, especially Omega-3 and other related nutrients. With all these, your horse is set to build his weight once more. Dumor weight booster is ideal for horses, dogs, and cats.

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How To Know If Your Horse Is Underweight?

Underweight horses are easily known; the most evident tag is rib showing. An underweight horse will have the ribs showing, and the skeleton will be obvious, although, it is a different case for horses that are suffering from worms.

They don’t get to be noticed with the showy ribs, instead, you have an overweight feature. In rare occasions will you have to scrutinize your horse will a stereoscopic eye, all infirmities remain unseen. Hence, you are consistent in examining your horses.

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A daily check will do you a lot of good.

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Dumor Weight Booster for horses and dogs

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